Michael ScheidMichael Scheid, MBA

Lead Consultant & Owner

Michael Scheid is the lead consultant and owner of Thomas Hospitality Group. With a decade of experience in operational consulting and advisory services, he excels in strategic planning, comprehensive marketing planning, operational consulting, and real estate expansion planning. Mr. Scheid is also a licensed Real Estate Associate Broker.

Scheid approaches food service establishments as manufacturing operations, where raw materials (food products) are sourced based on price and quality and arrive just in time to minimize holding costs. The kitchen staff then prepares these materials under the guidance of the executive staff (owners and executive chef), who complete manufacturing planning (menu engineering and food cost analysis). They establish product descriptions (menu items) that are appealing to customers and priced to ensure profitability. These menu items are then brought to market and distributed to customers by the wait staff.

This method has been well-received in the food service industry, offering a fresh perspective on business operations. Breaking down the operation of a restaurant into these components serves as a “short-MBA course,” providing critical tools to improve the efficiency of operations.

Scheid is a member of the Michigan Restaurant Association (MRA), Turnaround Management Association, and Detroit Area Board of Realtors (DACBOR). He holds an MBA from San Diego State University, as well as Master’s and Bachelor’s degrees from Wayne State University.