Mackinaw City Fresh / Fast Casual Food Restaurant

Description: This seafood restaurant in Mackinaw City, was founded by a Michigan native who has more than 50 years of culinary experience. He returned home to northern Michigan to fulfill his dream of owning his own restaurant. After researching tourism trends in the area, he chose Mackinaw City, Michigan to open the first casual seafood dining establishment. The restaurant is open May through October each year, and for more than 25 years now, families and groups have planned their vacations and trips to Mackinaw City and Mackinaw Island around eating here. Dine in or carry out. The cooking is done with premium vegetable oils — Zero Cholesterol & Zero Trans Fat. The restaurant is dedicated to serving you the freshest, healthy seafood.  40 seats inside and 40 seats on the outdoor patio.

If you’re are looking for a restaurant to operate from May thru October so that you can spend the winter in a warm environment or just want to be free to enjoy the winter months, we have the place for you. Mackinaw City is a tourist attraction that brings in more and more customers each year. Rely on those who come to the restaurant every year and benefit from the new customers each year in the future. Sales have averaged $700,000 for the last 3 years. Net income has averaged $362,000 over the same period. For a little over two times net you can own this money maker. Real Estate included. Commercial Condo Unit of 1309 sq ft.  Its time for the owner to move on. Let his retirement be the beginning of your profitable ownership of this money maker.

  • Building Size: 1,039 sq ft 
  • Seating: 20 
  • MLCC: No 
  • Price: 799,000 
  • For Sale: For Sale 
  • Parking: Public and Private Parking 
  • Sales Volume: Greater than $800000 
  • Basement: N/A 
  • Phone Number: 248-866-4855 

Sale Terms

Cash or other terms acceptable to Seller

Size Information

1,139 sq ft