This TCBY Yogurt store has been a money maker for 36 years. Opened in 1985 and remodeled in 2012, many years of customers have made this their favorite location. The owner’s work with the local schools, charities and the community has resulted in a stellar reputation and strong local bonds to the surrounding community.  This store represents the best in “absentee-owner” controls in place. With minimal weekly on site contact and periodic review of the internet based camera system, the new owner can continue the same method of operation or take hands on control and significantly increase the year one bottom line income. Staff in place.  Sales averaged $382,500.00 per year and EBIDAT averaged $63,086.00 per year for the last 3 years and that included the 2020 year of Covid. Net $93,000 the first year as an owner-operator or $63,000 or more as an absentee owner with minimal weekly on-site contact. It would cost you over $300,000.00 to open a new location today and you won’t have the sales this one already books. Established TCBY’s regularly sell for four times EBITDA. The finish levels in the front of house are great. The equipment in the back of house is first class. Take a look. You won’t regret it.

You must be able to qualify as a franchisee to purchase this location. Franchisor will not require a remodel on this location. Other items required for the purchase of a TCBY franchise will be detailed in their purchase approval documents.

Building Size: 1,200 sq. ft.

Seating: 18 inside

Rent: $1,800 per month

Price: $249,000.00

Parking: On Street, Rear Lot and rented Side Lot

  • Building Size: 1,200 sq ft 
  • Seating: 18 inside 
  • Rent: $1,800 per month 
  • For Sale: Sold 
  • Parking: Public and Private Parking 
  • Basement: N/A 
  • Phone Number: 248-866-4855 

Lease Terms

$1,800 per month

Sale Terms


Size Information

1,200 sq ft