Rochester Indian Restaurant



Listing Information

  • $275,000
  • Type: Restaurant
  • MLCC: No
  • Land Contract: United States
  • Building Size: 2900
  • Availability: Sold
  • Seating: 97
  • Sales Volume: Greater than $600000
  • Parking: Private Parking On Site

Full Details

Upscale dining establishment knownfor its fabulous Indian Cooking. Diningroom decorated very well and
consistent with cuisine concept. Thebuild-out is just two years old andlooks brand new. Kitchen is wellequipped with everything needed foran Indian restaurant. If you wish to doa concept change, only a few pieceswill be needed to complete the backof house. As you review the photos ofthe kitchen area, you will note that theproduction line is well thought out forany foodconcept.

THG Office
203 Chicane Lane
Pontiac, Michigan 48341